AccuRna Announces New Management Structure

AccuRna Announces New Management Structure

AccuRna Announces New Management Structure

AccuRna Inc. (hereinafter AccuRna) today announced that Dr. Shiro Akinaga, currently Director and Chief Scientific Officer of AccuRna was appointed as Chief Executive Officer effective on November 1, 2018.

Reasons for the Change

The changes below enable AccuRna to accelerates development of its novel technology and add its pipeline assets into the clinical stage in the coming year and beyond.

Change of Representative Director

NameNew PositionCurrent Position
Shiro AkinagaRepresentative Director,
President and CEO
Keiko HattoriDirector Representative Director,
President and CEO

Effective Date

November 1, 2018

Brief Personal History of New President and CEO

Dr. Akinaga joined Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd, where he engaged in exploration and evaluation of anti-cancer drugs at pharmaceutical research center for 20 years and worked on many anti-cancer drug candidates from the dawn of molecular target therapy of cancer. After that, he transferred to clinical development of anti-cancer drugs and was involved in the global development of many drugs (small molecules and antibodies) such as FLT3 inhibitor, HSP90 inhibitor, Met inhibitor ARQ197, anti-GM2 antibody, anti CCR4 antibody Mogamulizumab. Mogamulizumab was approved for marketing in Japan in 2012.

He became a principal scientist at pharmaceutical research center in 1994, a manager of oncology group in 2001, a clinical development director of oncology group in 2007. After the establishment of Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd. in October 2008, he was a clinical development director of oncology group, Executive officer of global clinical development in 2011, research fellow in 2013, fellow of R&D division in 2014.

He assumed the post of Board member at AccuRna Inc. in March 2017.

Graduated from the Department of applied chemistry school of advanced science and Engineering Waseda University.
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Tokyo
Doctor of Pharmacy
Delegate of Japanese Society of Medical Oncology