AccuRna’s Drug Delivery system (DDS) for nucleic acid

AccuRna has two DDS platform which can contribute to the market expansion of nucleic acid therapeutics and create great economic value.

unit Poly Ion Complex (uPIC)
for short chain RNA

uPIC is a simple solution for DDS of short chain nucleic acid therapeutics

uPIC stabilizes nucleic acid in mice body thus achieving improved retention in blood, accumulation in to a tumor and greater antitumor effects.

Characteristics of uPIC

  • Simple preparation
  • Electrostatic interaction of polu cation with negatively charged nucleic acids
  • Improved retention in blood
  • Accumulation of nucleic acid medicines into a tumor

Polyplex micelle
for long chain

AccuRna’s polyplec micelle enables development of mRNA therapeutics

Our Polyplex micelle is a solution to the issues in mRNA delivery.

Characteristics of polyplex micelle

  • Increased tolerability of mRNA against RNase attack
  • Bypassing immune recognition by stealth PEG shell