Announcement on a capital alliance and the license agreement awarded by NanoCarrier Co., Ltd.

Announcement on a capital alliance and the license agreement awarded by NanoCarrier Co., Ltd.

AccuRna, Inc. (CEO, Hiroko Watanabe) is pleased to announce the March 16, 2016 signing of a global exclusive patent license agreement, including sublicensing rights, in
addition to the formation of a capital alliance with NanoCarrier Co., Ltd. The capital was put into the alliance by a partnership operated by Fast Track Initiative, Inc. (Fast Track
Initiative No.2 Investment Limited Partnership) as well as by NanoCarrier Co., Ltd. In this context, AccuRna, Inc. is now focusing on an application of innovative drug delivery
systems (DDS) technologies for nucleic acid-based drugs in drug discovery created by a collaboration between the industry and academia, and will commence full-scale activities
with a view to deploying it worldwide.

About AccuRna, Inc.:
AccuRna, Inc. was established with the aim of transferring and implementing intellectual property related to existing DDS technologies for nucleic acid-based drugs, the patent
license for which was awarded by NanoCarrier Co., Ltd., in addition to upcoming research results from the Innovation Center of NanoMedicine (Kawasaki, Kanagawa) and
the Center of Innovation (COI) program, in which the group led by Kazunori Kataoka, professor at the University of Tokyo, original member of NanoCarrier Co., Ltd, and
scientific advisor, is involved.

Head Office: 4-1-4, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo Japan
Founded: December 2015
President: CEO Hiroko Watanabe
Field of Business: Research and development of nucleic acid-based drugs using drug delivery system technologies

About NanoCarrier Co., Ltd.:
NanoCarrier Co., Ltd. is a venture business based on the latest technological platforms to aid drug discovery, with the aim of developing new drugs, mainly in the field of cancer,
and contributing to medical progress through DDS technologies using micellar  nanoparticle technology developed in Japan by Kazunori Kataoka, professor at the
University of Tokyo, and Mitsuo Okano, professor at Tokyo Women’s Medical University. We develop new drugs with a view to “reducing side effects” and “increasing drug
efficacy” that traditional pharmaceutical formulations have not been able to achieve. We do this by encapsulating various drugs from low to high molecular weights into the
micellar nanoparticle as a platform technology, which enhances the efficiency of drug delivery to the cancer tissue and controls the release of the drug. We are currently
implementing a number of clinical developments worldwide, including Phase III, and promote active development of the realization of innovative pharmaceutical products with
the aim of improving patients’ quality of life.

Head Office: 144-15, 226-39 Wakashiba, Kashiwa, Chiba
Founded: June 1996
President: President & CEO Ichiro Nakatomi
Number of executives and employees: 60
Field of Business: Research and development, production of pharmaceuticals using micellar nanoparticle technology

About Fast Track Initiative, Inc.:

  •  Venture capitalist with an excellent record of investments at venture business establishments in the life sciences and health care industry, as well as the
    development of companies thorough management assistance in accordance with the growth stage of the venture business. It currently operates Fast Track Initiative
    No.2 Investment Limited Partnership.
  •  Main fields of investment: life sciences (pharmaceutical, regenerative medicine, medical equipment, diagnostics, etc.), health care (medical ICT, preventionrelated,
    home care-related, distribution, nutrition, etc.).
  • Scale of funding: 6.55 billion yen